Art at Work: Multitasking and creativity (and why I sound like a crazy old lady today)

Multi Tasking is it really as effective as you think??? Try to not mulit task for a week with me & lets see if we become more productive! Tuesday = Day 1….


Ok, short story:  I have fairly big art show coming up in oh, like, a month!   I’m not freaking out (yet), but I am working very, very hard to get all the artwork completed and a full collection of jewelry ready.

So, Friday, I’m in the studio, my girls are napping, my table is covered in work, I am instagraming photos to keep people informed and excited, sending out a tweet or two, reading emails as they pop-up on my phone, thinking through replies in my head, checking facebook, drinking coffee, switching art projects constantly… and listening to NPR.
This is a totally, totally normal afternoon for me.

There was an interview on NPR with Clifford Nass.  He has studied the affects multitasking has on people, and especially on their creativity.

Well that got my attention real quick.

Wait, aren’t creative people wired to be amazing multitaskers? 

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