Art at Work: Multitasking and creativity (and why I sound like a crazy old lady today)

Multi Tasking is it really as effective as you think??? Try to not mulit task for a week with me & lets see if we become more productive! Tuesday = Day 1….


Ok, short story:  I have fairly big art show coming up in oh, like, a month!   I’m not freaking out (yet), but I am working very, very hard to get all the artwork completed and a full collection of jewelry ready.

So, Friday, I’m in the studio, my girls are napping, my table is covered in work, I am instagraming photos to keep people informed and excited, sending out a tweet or two, reading emails as they pop-up on my phone, thinking through replies in my head, checking facebook, drinking coffee, switching art projects constantly… and listening to NPR.
This is a totally, totally normal afternoon for me.

There was an interview on NPR with Clifford Nass.  He has studied the affects multitasking has on people, and especially on their creativity.

Well that got my attention real quick.

Wait, aren’t creative people wired to be amazing multitaskers? 

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The Personality and Geography of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the bread & butter of society; however it’s not a destiny for everyone. Personality traits affect the success of us all, so it is wise to know what you excel at. Are you an entrepreneur??? I am.

Staffan's Personality Blog

The Entrepreneurial Personality Profile

Creating new jobs is one of the top priorities for all politicians these days. This issue always ends up being discussed in terms of taxes and spending, sometimes in terms of education, but never ever in terms of people. This is ultimately the old Enlightenment view that human behavior, good or bad, is all about arranging external factors. People are assumed to respond to whatever plans or reforms the political leaders come up with.

And yet, if we look at indicators relevant to job creation it becomes clear that people do what they don’t respond the way they’re supposed to. Take self-employment for example. It has been very stable around 10-15 percent for many years now, seemingly unaffected by shifting policies. Before that it was a bit higher due to more people working in agriculture. A reason for this can be found in entrepreneur research, which…

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Openings for Youth training facilitators in Lagos

Youth training facilitators needed in Nigeria

Volunteer in Nigeria

A youth engagement project of the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative of the US Consulate General Lagos has partnered with us to facilitate the recruitment of 35 credible volunteers for its upcoming Leadership and Entrepreneurship training of students of public secondary schools in Lagos. The goal of the initiative is to reach 1000 students in 5 public secondary schools.


Volunteers should be:

– Passionate about teaching Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Social Change
– Available for 6 Wednesdays between October and November 2013
– Available for 2 Saturdays in August 2013 (for training).
Volunteers may fall into any of these 3 categories:
– Working class professionals who can spare 3 hours every Wednesday for 6 weeks between October and November
– Entrepreneurs who manage/run their own businesses and have flexible schedules
– Students who run their own businesses or have ran a business in the last two years

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4 things about this “startup hype” that are just not right

Starting up….to do & what not to do

Startup e-Bulgaria

A great thing is happening in Bulgaria: young people do their own projects; struggle to stay here and feel good at the same time. Last year was a complete startup explosion, supported by many opportunities like startup accelerators, angel investors and many events. Overall, it is the thing that happens around the globe, but when we check out the details, there are couple of things that are just not right and startups have to know about them.

+ When something is growing, there always some dodgers who are looking for an easy way to make money. Beware of those and be able to recognize them. As being a startup, you have very limited amount of cash and every single coin must go to the right place. If you need some business services, make sure the companies that provide them, do not overcharge you. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria there are many people…

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